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Four groups of stars were seeing, and they were named: head stars, stars, falling stars, and track stars.
The 1st group got named "wandering stars", because they fully moved in the sky.
The 2nd group got named "staying stars", because they stayed in someone's place with no motion, and they were far from the sun.
The 3rd group got named "falling stars", because they fell to the Earth.
The 4th group got named "fire tails", because they saw far suns, and they had tails made of light, and they spilled their own fire.
The angrily burning sun will promise those stars to some (family-nation).

CTop: gjUOj
4 RVgjUOj: ViD-f; EJ d: IID-f QE gjUOj Jak QE gjUOj QE gjUOj VLxm QE gjUOj Raa.
d ID1 RRV: IDf "gjUOj LnD-m" Ehmb K Wxf ENn d 'RVYOVL
d ID2 RRV: IDf "gjUOj SmW-m" Ehmb K EJ SmW-f Nn CWW aa EYOWx-a EJ UrR-f d Sun
d ID3 RRV: IDf "gjUOj VLxm" Ehmb K VLxf EWx d cOR
d ID4 RRV: IDf "gjUOj CmL-m asS slm" Ehmb K EJ ViD-f a Sun UrR EJ CmL-f asS PDo UOj EJ spl-f slm mL AT
d Sun BOn ERxR: Msgc a (Vwl'Yexn) K AmLc dn d gjUOj

Grammatical Notes

'Yemls has a basically SVO order. The subject, when manifest, is always followed by a colon {:}. The case roles of the subject and object(s) depend on the grammatical voice prefixes where marked, and otherwise, the argument structure of the word. This applies to almost all words.


Interlinear Abbreviations

Symbols using '.' instead of '-' indicate unmarked forms.

{E}  OBL- oblique/adverbial
{A}  ACT- active voice  (ACT.)
{P}  PAS- passive voice  (PAS.)
{C}  CPL- complementive voice (CPL.)
{RV} COL- collective
{YO} NEG- logical negative
{Sm} CONT- continuative aspectual
{ID} ORD- ordinal number

{:} -SUB subject
    -INS instantive aspect (.INS)
{x} -EVO evolutive aspect (formerly -CAU causative)
{m} -GNR general tense (i.e. tenseless indicative)
{c} -FUT future tense (indicative)
{f} -PST past tense (indicative)

{(d)d} DEF definite determiner
{dn} 3PR definite (3rd person) pronoun
{(a)a} EXI indefinite pronoun, existential quantifier
{AT} R2A reflexive, referring to agent
{(W)W} LOC locative preposition
{mL} POSS possessive preposition (followed by possessor); complementive used in translating "have" and "give"
{QE} ITEM list or selection conjunction
{K} EVT introduces subordinate event clause


'Yemls Translation With Interlinear

Notes: *** indicates lines where an adverb meaning "fully" or "completely" was deleted.

Y: {CTop: gjUOj}
I: CPL-concerned_with-SUB star

Y: {4 RVgjUOj: ViD-f,}
I: 4 COL-star-SUB PAS.see-PST
Y: {EJ d: IID-f}
I: and DEF-SUB PAS.name-PST
Y: {QE gjUOj Jak QE gjUOj QE gjUOj VLxm QE gjUOj Raa.}
I: ITEM star-head ITEM star ITEM star-low-EVO-GRN ITEM star-track

Y: {d ID1 RRV: IDf "gjUOj LnD-m"}
I: DEF ORD-1 group-SUB PAS.name.INS-PST "star wander-GNR"
Y: {Ehmb K Wxf ENn d 'RVYOVL} ***
I: OBL-think_about EVT LOC-EVO-PST OBL-in DEF sky ***

Y: {d ID2 RRV: IDf "gjUOj SmW-m"}
I: DEF ORD-2 group-SUB PAS.name.INS-PST "star CONT-LOC-GNR"
Y: {Ehmb K EJ SmW-f Nn CWW aa EYOWx-a}
I: OBL-think_about EVT and CONT-LOC-PST in place POSS-DEF
Y: {EJ UrR-f d Sun}
I: and far_from-PST DEF sun

Y: {d ID3 RRV: IDf "gjUOj VLxm"}
I: DEF ORD-3 group-SUB PAS.name.INS-PST "star low-EVO-GNR"
Y: {Ehmb K VLxf EWx d cOR}
I: OBL-think_about EVT low-EVO-PST OBL-LOC-EVO DEF Earth

Y: {d ID4 RRV: IDf "gjUOj CmL-m asS slm"}
I: DEF ORD-4 group-SUB PAS.name.INS-PST "star CPL-POSS-GNR tail fire"
Y: {Ehmb K EJ ViD-f a Sun UrR}
I: OBL-think_about EVT and PAS.see-PST EXI sun far?
Y: {EJ CmL-f asS PDo UOj}
I: and CPL-POSS-PST tail PAS-make light
Y: {EJ spl-f slm mL AT}
I: and spill-PST fire POSS R2A

Y: {d Sun BOn ERxR:}
I: DEF sun burn OBL-angry-SUB
Y: {Msgc a (Vwl'Yexn)}
I: inform.INS-FUT EXI (family-nation)
Y: {K AmLc dn d gjUOj} ***