William Annis

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Regarding the Star{s}

Four groups of stars were seen, and they were named "Headstar, Star, Lowstar" and "Followstar."
The first group was {also} called "Wanderstar" [because] they moved in the sky.
The second group was {also} called "Standing Star" [because] they stood without movement.
The third group was {also} called "Stars-becoming-low" [because] they went low to the earth.
The fourth group was {also} named "Fire-tailed Star" [because] they were seen [from afar] and had tails pouring out fire.
The Sun [being angry] will say to the Universe that it[1] will have the stars.
[1] the Universe, not the sun as I understand the text.

Rul Raierul

Tuarauai al raiamber, emsauai ta, "Harinraie, Raie, Racaraie, Halbiraie."
Emsauai ta me acinn hatto "Palnaraie," arelle parveiai an lairesse.
Emsauai ta me acinn rhattinn "Silharaie," arelle silhai parvaviar.
Emsauai ta me acinn sanio "Racanraie," arelle racanai achur cheman.
Emsauai ta me acinn alio "Hodesuraie," arelle tuarauai ersinnu, rethai ta hoderan nuthrothran den.
Evaru din hainoth pensadeste ti rethu na raieran.

Breakdown by morphology.

In this, I've left out the euphonic vowels, so ".r.n" (accusative plural) will be realized "-ran" in the main text, sometimes with and sometimes without a vowel before the 'r.'

rul raie.r.ul al rai.ambe.r ta "harin.raie, raie, rac.raie, halb.raie." ta me acinn hatto "paln.raie," arelle an laire.sse. ta me acinn rhattinn "silh.raie," arelle parv.viar. ta me acinn sanio "," arelle achur chem.n. ta me acinn alio "," arelle ersinnu, ta hode.r.n nuthr.oth.r.n de.n.
Evar.u din hain.oth pensade.ste ti reth.u na raie.r.n.

Vocabulary.  In order of occurrence.

rul, prep., takes instrumental case, "regarding, about."
raie, n., "star"
-r-, plural marker
-ul, instrumental case ending
TUAR-, transitive verb, "see"
-au-, passive marker
-ai, past tense suffix
al, adj. "four"
rai- (stem form of raie, "star")
-amb-, marks a collection or group of word suffixed, to.  For example, "orin" 'word' + "amb-e" (the final -e is required here) is "word-collection" or "dictionary."
EMS-, trans.verb., "to name" = name+PASSIVE+PAST
harin, n., "head"
RAC-, stative verb or adjective, "low"
HALB-, trans.verb., "follow"
ta, "and" this *follows* the word it goes with
me, "also" this also *follows* the word it goes with.  'ta me' in combination implies "and further"
acinn, n., "group"
hatto, adj., "first"
PALN-, intrans.verb., "wander"
arelle, conjunction, "because"
PARV-, transitive verb, "move"
-ei-, reflexive marker
  parvei- means "move" in the sense of "I move over" *NOT* "I move it."
an, prep., "in"
laire, n., "heavens, sky"
-sse, case marker, the locative (location without motion)
rhattinn, adjective, "second"
SILH-, intransitive verb, "remain, stand, stay"
-viar, derivational affix, "without, -less"
  parvaviar - "motionless"
sanio, adj., "third"
-an-, derivational affix, "to become X"
  rac-an- "to become low"
achur, prep., "near, near to"
chem, n., "earth, ground."
-n, accusative case ending; indicates either direction toward (an cheman "into the sky") or of course the direct object of a verb
alio, adj., fourth
hode, n., "tail"
-su, derivation affix, "having, with"
  hodesu - "tail-having, betailed :)"
ersinnu - far away, distantly
RETH-, trans.verb., "have"
NUTHR-, trans.verb., "pour"
-oth-, present participle
  nuthroth "pouring"
de, n., fire
EVAR-, trans.verb., "say, speak"
-u, future tense marker
din, n., "sun"
HAIN, intrans.verb., "to be angry"
pensade, n., "the world, the universe"
-ste, dative case ending
ti, conjunction, "that"
na, pronoun, "he, she, it"


The syntax of Vaior, though well documented, is actually pretty simple.  VSO word order.  The trickiness comes when you have participles which, like Greek and Latin, can be entire sub-clauses in themselves.  There is one example of this in the text.  Just remember that nouns and adjectives agree:

hoderan nuthrothran den

in this the second accusative goes with the verb NUTHR, not the previous verb.  Remember that and this should go fine.